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MASERATI  "The Language Of Cities"

"The Language Of Cities"

HECY-1003 ¥2,310 (CD)
2003.12.03  Release

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Track listing:
01. Ambassador Of Cinema 
02. The Language 
03. Moving With Heavy Hearts 
04. Keep It Gold 
05. Being a President Is Like Riding a Tiger
06. Cities 
07. A Common Interest In Silence 
08. There Will Always Be Someone Behind You 
09. Ambassador Of Cinema (assembly mix)
10.The Language (tytus mix)

USカレッジタウンミュージックシーンのトップバンドと評されている、 エイセンズの
繊細さと、荒々しい獰猛さに満ち溢れた1st アルバム。

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